This weekend we had a competition at Coldham. I was a bit nervous as Riley has the habit of leaving the ring for food…

Rocket Riley
Unfortunately in the agility the judges munching on coffee cake was too much for her as she left her owner for a sniff of the crumbs. Sometimes I wonder how far her loyalty reaches.

The Helter Skelter was really good apart from someone’s biscuit was lurking on the floor ready to be munched. How do I stop the food obsession!

Overall it was a good day and we can’t wait until our next show at Just Dogs Live in Peterborough! Meanwhile please checkout our new instagram account @rileyminischnauzer



Happy Easter!

The tulips are out and so are the weave poles…

The agility season is in full swing with competitions near is popping up  frequently and whilst hearing the good news of friends getting new high scores and rosettes to add to their collection Riley and I were at home. This wasn’t because we couldn’t make it to the show, we’d love to attend and Riley knows all of the moves and is a little pocket rocket when it comes to agility but she can’t focus without a handful of food and that is forbidden in most competitions. We’ve practiced tugging in the garden but as soon as we get on the drive way all concentration is suddenly lost and true to her pocket rocket name she shoots off into someone’s front garden and causes chaos around the birdseed table. I can’t take her to a competition like that.

We weren’t being couch potatoes though and we’ve been running through the long grass in the fields and practicing agility in the gardening, and there has been A LOT of progress.

12 weaves is now a breeze and no weave entry is too hard for us. Many jumping configurations have been completed and she is really blossoming along with our flowery garden.

The thing I am most proud of though is that she is now a super little tugger! After purchasing a fantastic rabbit skin tuggie in which you can put smelly treats into to temp your hound to play in all situations from the field full of cow pats to a park full of other dogs. I ordered it from http://www.pawstrading.co.uk/  which I recommend for agility training toys.

She LOVES it and it was just what we needed! Now hopefully we can go from 0 to hero in our training as we look forward to competitions in May!



Snow Day

Everything was white and snowy this morning and that means…



Riley snuggly in her equafleece.


And like every good snow day we headed down to an empty field and did something fun and freezing cold.



Build snowmen!


We had a sort of issue trying to put the head on the body so two separate snowmen were created.

I can’t say that Riley has never seen snow before because she had but she does absolutely love it and ran around like a crazy thing which is why it was pretty hard to get any good snaps of her!


Unfortunately she does get what we call snowballs on her legs (clumps of snow that attach themselves to her and don’t pull off easily, other snow dog owners will understand). These irritate her in the way large clumps of snow stuck to your leg do and she starts eating her which makes her freezing cold. Due to this and the fact that our hands were numb we returned home.

You can tell in the picture with her next to the snowman that she was obviously upset about these snowy balls so we returned for a cup of tea (for me) and a warm bath (for both of us).

Also you may have noticed at the top of the site we have two brand new pages “Create” and “Places” which have posts with interesting places we’ve been and nice things to make. These have both new and older posts which I have successfully uploaded from our old site, I have read through some of them and they are at the least strange and the most amusing but are worth checking out!

Have a good snow day!

A Saturday in the life of…





Getting ready is a breeze for me, I can’t see why owners take all morning? A breakfast of my favourite http://www.gentledogfood.co.uk/ and I was ready to go.

We went for a run through the woods and it snowed! There were no photos of us this morning as the camera was left at home but you can imagine me running in the woods…

I came back cold and with a few twigs up my armpits but I love running and jumping over snowy logs and chasing squirrels. I had a warm bath and comb through and zonked out on the sofa.


5k is a long way for short legs!

I must have slept for a few hours because before I knew it, it was training time – this one inside because of the freezing temperatures and snow (that didn’t stick). I am learning to fetch certain objects but I am finding this hard due to the fact that as son as I go pick it up I have a sudden urge to throw the object high in the air and run off!

After several practices I was rewarded for my hard work with a rawhide chew which can keep me occupied for AGES.


I have a busy schedule at the moment being a family dog, a runner, an agility star plus having a blog. I am told I have an agility competition coming up soon…

I ended the day with some snoozles in my wonderfully comfy beco bed (http://www.becopet.com/shop/sleep/beco-donut-bed/).





On the 8th Woof of Christmas ~ How to play hide and treat

On the 7th woof of Christmas My Mutt Riley gave to me… How to play hide and treat Deck

The Halls

My Top 5…

Owner Gift Guide

Dog Breed Quiz

 Draw Riley

And A Doggy Gift Guide

So here is one of our favourite rainy day games that we would like to share with you.


  • A dog6tag_040916-1759271

I chose this one!

  • Some food or a toy
  • 2+ people



  1. One person gets the dog to stay and wait for the other(s) to hide in a fairly obvious place, this place will depend on how clever your dog is.
  2. Wait for everyone to be hidden then the 1st person calls the dog or squeaks a toy and the dog (hopefully) goes looking for them
  3. The person who was waiting with the dog goes and hides and waits for the person who the dog has hopefully found to say “goodbye” which will be your signal to then call the dog
  4. While the dog comes to you the person who the dog has just left goes and hides somewhere else
  5. This can keep going for as long as you like and can be fun and a great way to practice recall while testing your dogs hide and seek ability

Happy playing!

On the 7th Woof Of Christmas ~ Collages

On the 7th woof of Christmas My Mutt Riley gave to me… How to train your dog to beg

Deck The Halls

My Top 5

Owner Gift Guide

How To Draw Riley

A Dog Breed Quiz

And A Doggy Gift Guide


I have made some collages from this past year with some of my favourite photographs from the past year, hope that you like them!




On the 6th Woof of Christmas ~ Deck The Halls

On the 6th woof of Christmas My Mutt Riley gave to me… deck the halls

My Top 5…

An Owner Gift Guide

A Dog Breed Quiz

How to Draw Riley

And A Doggy Gift Guide


We’ve been getting Christmassy at home and now have our Decorations all up! Can’t believe it’s only 5 days until Christmas day!




All snuggled up!



We love this pink and red dog bunting that lights up too from http://www.wykenvineyards.co.uk/country-store.html.


Our tree, the decorations have to be fairly high up so SOMEONE doesn’t pull them off and try to eat them. Tasty baubles.




Our lights are up and on!


A big thank you to all of those who participated on #mymuttytopfive and who left comments saying you enjoyed it! We especially enjoyed reading http://thebookofbarkley.blogspot.co.uk/2016/12/mymuttytopfive-fun-with-new-pet-blogger.html post.