Dog shows tips and advice

Today I’m going to talk about DOG SHOWS  and some tips to make sure you take the best dog home.

1. Grooming time 
Give your dog a good a good wash and groom about a day before the show (this will make the show day more hassle free and it will have dried better) When you groom your dog be sure to get all those knots out, so investing in a good detangler spray, FOR DOGS, is a good idea. You can buy this sort of thing from  animology and get it ordered to your doggy doorstep from their online website But if you don’t think your pooch needs that then a good groom will have the same affects. 

2. What to pack
A few days before the show pack a box of things you will need to bring, so no last minute shopping to annoy parents. You will need to/or want to bring:

  • Grooming brush/brushes
  • Poo bags
  • A pretty collar and lead to impress the judges
  • Snacks (human and doggy)
  • A dog toy or chew to keep your canine busy while waiting for your turn in the ring
  • Camera or phone to take pictures of your dog while at the show to post on your blog or to show friends and family.
  • Money for entry fees 
  • Crate if you want to walk round the show and your dog wants to nap
  • Safety pins to pin your number (if their is one) to your clothes 

3. What to wear
Wear something simple, nice and practical. You will want to look pretty but don’t over do it because the attention will go towards you instead of the dog and you want to show the dog because it’s called a dog show not a people show.

I will put up a  page called hall of fame to post my wins and your wins so leave a comment with a photo and your and your dogs name and a short description of the day. Thanks 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dog shows tips and advice

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