Feeling bored this summer? then never fear agility is here

Agility is the fastest growing canine sport in the world. It’s like an obstacle course your dog to go over against the clock and the fastest dog wins. But be careful to not get any penalties because you’ll get points deducted.


  • Keep fit for both you and your dog
  • Make lots of new friends (human and K9)
  • You don’t have to have a pedigree, dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes can take part
  • You can enter competitions and maybe one day go to Crufts (The biggest dog show in the world)
  • Your dog will learn lots of amazing tricks which you can impress your friends with
  • Their are plenty of agility clubs every where you can find your nearest on the kennel club website

You can only start agility once your dog is a year old so it dosen’t hurt itself.

Come back to the blog tomorrow to learn how to make dog frozen smoothies! 

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