HOW TO MAKE: frozen yoghurt

This delicious summer treat can be enjoyed by both man and dog in hot weather and You can freeze it and get it out to eat when you want, nice.


  • A whole pot of natural yoghurt
  • Fruit (soft fruit like types of berries are good) DO NOT USE GRAPES OR RAISINS AS THEY ARE POISONOUS FOR DOGS
  • 2 tea spoons of fruit juice

1. Pour the natural yoghurt into a blender (if you have one) or a bowl.
2. Get your fruit and chop it up into small squares, unless it’s something like a raspberry.
3. Tip the fruit into your blender or bowl
4. Add two teaspoons of fruit juice
5. Turn your blender on or use an electric whisk for your bowl.
6. Stop whisking when you can see no  big fruit lumps
7. Put your mix into an empty tub/old ice cream tub
8. Place in the freezer
9. After it’s been in the freezer for a day you can get it out and enjoy.

If you choose to make this recipe please post below how it went and maybe a nice picture of you and your dog enjoying your nice ice.


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