Rescue dogs

Rescue or not
Today I am going to write a bit about rescue centres and whether it is a good idea to rescue a dog or not.
The good things

  1. You are helping a dog that might not have had such a nice life so far
  2. It is cheaper than getting a puppy
  3. The money goes towards helping other dogs in need
  4. You may want an older dog because it’s already trained
  5. A puppy may be to boisterous 

Reasons or not get a rescue

  1. Many rescue dogs have either a reason there in rescue (not good behaviour) or their previous owners have treated them badly which can result in aggressiveness 
  2. Rescue dogs are generally mixed breeds and therefore have no pedigree so if you want to compete in the show ring it’s best to get a  puppy
  3. Unwanted behaviour like being shy and therefore aggressive towards children or something else can happen with rescues because of negative experiences so they may need experienced handling
  4. Because you can’t tell what breeds are in some rescues because  their a mongrel they can be a bit unpredictable because you don’t really know their breed traits.  

If you do choose to buy a rescue then make sure you are not just buying it because you feel sorry for it and that you buy from a reputable and good rescue centre.


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