hot dogs

Now its the summer and the sun is out it is getting hotter. Not only for us but also for our dogs so in this post I am writing some tips to keeping your dog cool.

1. Never leave your dog in the car in the heat for to long because. DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS. If you are going to leave your dog in the car, even for a couple of minutes then make sure you leave the windows down and maybe even the air-con too so you don’t return to a frazzled pooch.

2. Hairless dogs can turn into burn’t and hairless dogs so doggy suntan lotion is a good idea and so is lots of shade to prevent them from turning pink.

3. Water is totally 100% essential.Your dog needs water all year round but in summer your dog needs it even more so make sure a fresh supply of water is available.

4. Let your dog enjoy the sun as much as you are and maybe whip him up a frozen yoghurt (see my recipe posted on Thursday the seventh of August, and maybe if your dog likes water you could buy him a doggy paddling pool or let him have a splash in yours.

5. Make the most of the sun and lengthen your walks a little or start an outdoor activity like agility.Or maybe if your planning a holiday you could take your four legged friend with you.

I am not going to do a postΒ tomorrow because I will be at pony camp. Sorry.Β 


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