Canine camping

Hiya all,
Just been to camp and got back but had to recover from tiredness yesterday so no posts for a while, sorry.
Talking of camp and holidays I was thinking that I might write a post about camping with our 4 legged friends this summer.

I have been camping a lot (in fact I am going camping tomorrow to Norfolk) and at most of the campsites I have been to our dog friendly.But there are a few things you have to think about when you go camping.

Firstly does your dog bark a lot? If so maybe it would disturb other campers and you may be asked to leave the campsite.

Next think if your pooch is well behaved and wont chase children or steal food.

Also you will need to make sure your dog can go on the transport you choose to take to get their so if you are taking the ferry make sure it’s dog friendly and your dog isn’t sea sick same for car,train,e.c.t.

Then if all is good you will need to pack a small bag of things for your dog, a crate is a great thing to take especially if your dog is crate trained because then he can have his own private room.

Next time on my mutt I will be reviewing my latest YKC magazine.

Sorry that their are no pictures because my camera doesn’t work but I will get one soon so I can post plenty of pictures.


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