Happy national dog day

During this wet and windy weather I’ve been searching for border terrier litters around Suffolk (where I live) I would need a litter ready at the end of September or in October.

 I was in the car today when I saw a sign for sheepdog day on the 5th of October at a nation trust park near my house. I am planning to go their so I will hopefully give you a post on that.

Also as you know I now have a camera so tomorrow I will start my puppy proof home posts so make sure you read them.

If you have any tips comments or messages make sure you send them to me in the comments box as I’d love to hear them.

I will leave you the link to an amazing border terrier lovers blog oh and don’t forget NATIONAL DOG DAY so bake your dog the liver cake recipe I have recently posted to celebrate the wonderful world of canines! Earls world (a border terriers blog)


2 thoughts on “Happy national dog day

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