puppy proofing your home chapter 1

Hi all
As promised here is my guide to puppy proofing your home so when your puppy arrives at your house it’s perfectly safe for her/him.

Things to make sure are put away or are dangerous for your puppy
Don’t leave small chewable and choke-able  things lying around
Remember to not let your puppy chew cables or wires
Make sure there are no chocolates or any other foods that are poisonous to dogs on low shelves or left on the side
keep all precious or easily breakable items where curious puppies can’t reach them
The same goes for chemical liquids and medicines
Shoes and paper can be fun to shred and chew for bored puppies so keep these things out of reach but also keep your puppy entertained.
I don’t have any photos for these but sort out gaps under gates and don’t use slug pellets as they are toxic for dogs.



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