which sort of poo picker are you?

Hello all
I am staying overnight at my grandparents tonight so probably no post tomorrow but today their is and it’s about poo picking!

The researchers at the central of Lancashire university devised 5 different types of poo picking people so read on to see which one you think you are and if you could do any better at cleaning up after your dog.

1. Team poo picker
You are proud to pick up and will take poo bags every where and you don’t like the never have never wills and you are always seen carrying a bag of it no matter how far the next poo bin is.

2. I suppose I should
You’d rather not but you know it’s the right thing to do but you bin the bags as soon as possible.

3. Semi poo pickΒ 
You pick it up and bag it but then you leave the bag hanging on a tree or on the floor for others to deal with.

4. Only when I have to
You only ever pick up if their is a massive fine or someone is watching.

5. Never have never will
You just don’t pick up even if its on your best friends garden proud lawn.

Hope you enjoyed reading now for todays blog hop



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