11 things to do with your dog

Hiya all,
Today I’m posting about my new page called 11 things to do with your dog as you may have guessed its a list of 11 things to do with your dog that when I get my dog I will try and complete and I hope you’ll try to complete too. If you manage to do all the things as of today then leave a comment and maybe copy and paste some photos of you and your dog onto it then I will mention you on the blog.

So the 11 things are:

  1. Go camping
  2. Play in the snow
  3. Take your dog to the beach
  4. Go to a dog friendly pub or cafe
  5. Bake your dog a treat
  6. Go swimming with your dog
  7. Take your dog to a show
  8. Go to a training session in a dog activity i.e. agility, obedience, ringcraft, ect  
  9. Take your dog on a boat/canoe (unless it doesn’t like boats)
  10.  Teach your dog at least 10 different tricks
  11. Do a fundraising activity with your dog for a dog charity
If you can think of anymore things to add to the list leave a comment below

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