Nearly back to school leaving your dog alone

Hello all,
Today it is really dawning on me that I am going back to school soon in fact on Thursday I am going back and that’s in only two days! WOW the holidays have gone by so quickly. Today on the blog I am going to be talking about leaving your dog alone as some of you may do this for a while if you are at school so here are some tips to make it as stress-free and enjoyable for your dog and you don’t have to keep on worrying about them.

  1. Get a dog walker or pet sitter to come and let your dog out in the garden play with them and perhaps take them for a walk.
  2. Keep a radio on at low volume to prevent it being to quiet and your dog getting anxious.
  3. Take your dog out for a walk before you leave them.
  4. Leave your dog in a secure place where he can’t hurt himself or chew up your shoe i.e. a crate.
  5. Leave your dog with a toy to keep him busy, for example a kong full of cream cheese.
  6. Let your dog Β go to the toilet before you leave him.
Today we take part in The pinch punch post hosted by Earls world.



3 thoughts on “Nearly back to school leaving your dog alone

  1. Great tips Frada – I am a lucky girl and get to go to doggy daycare every day when Hooman is at work, but it is so important that dogs are thought about when being left. Hooman won't leave me alone at other times for more than about four hours, and she starts getting tetchy then!


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