Pooch of the month


Today it is time for                  

Yes it’s time for the first pooch of the month so drum roll please and I am pleased to reveal the pooch of the month is…

Earl is a beautiful male border terrier and is 4 years old. He lives with his loving owner and other border terrier Ethel. Earl is amazing at agility and has reached grade 4 already and thats out of 7 grades with 7 being the highest! Earls owner said “He is quite sensitive and loves his time with me all day every day. I couldn’t wish for more – he is the best dog ever to me!!”

Thanks so much Earllover for sending that in to us. If you want your dog to feature on pooch of the month then leave a comment  on the page called your mutt (see top of the blog) Also Earl and Ethel have their own blog so to follow in their paw prints go to http://sumskersandearlskers13.blogspot.co.uk/ .



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