Looking for a litter

Today I am posting about looking for a perfect puppy. As you know I am searching for the perfect puppy at the moment, I am thinking about the border terrier breed because of their lovely natures. Looking for the perfect puppy is an important task as you need to make sure you choose a responsible breeder and a puppy with a good personality for you.

Here are some basic steps to choosing a great puppy

  1. Research different breeds and maybe take the puppy choosing test from the kennel  club (follow this link http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/services/public/findabreed/Default.asp)
  2. Search for a litter of puppies of the breed of your choice  that are near you, you can find litters using many different websites and keep an eye out on notice boards and chat to people planning litters
  3. Go and see the litter and don’t be shy to ask the breeder plenty of question about how the puppies have been cared for, can you see their parents, etc.
  4. Choose a puppy based on its personality and health not  its appearance 
  5. Go back and see the litter several times before you take your puppy home
  6. Buy all the things you will need for your puppy and make your home puppy proof (see previous post for more info.
  7. When you go to pick up your puppy make sure the journey home isn’t to long and you drive smoothly and you have a crate or basket to keep your puppy secure as many dogs can find driving scary and also can suffer from motion sickness.
I really can’t wait to get my puppy but I’m still on step 2 but hopefully soon I’ll have one soon. Also hope you have a fab Friday after a full long and tiring week of school!

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