Manchester Dos Home Fire and btw


Today I have some sad news and some good news so I will start so I will start with the sad news.

There was a fire recently at Manchester Dogs Home and unfortunately 60 dogs have died and the 150 dogs that were saved have been moved to Cheshire Dogs Home. We are very sad to here this news so we have a memorial of flowers to our 4 legged friends.

Now for the happy news! Earls World the brilliant border terrier blog has had a shout out totally dedicated to My Mutt! So we are going to celebrate by giving a shout out to all border terriers and border terrier lovers around the world and give awareness of this great breed today and If you have a blog copy and paste this image into your blogs to display recognition of this breed. We proudly name this weekend Border Terrier Weekend.
We will do other breed weekends so if your breed should have its recognition on the blog then leave a comment below. Thanks


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