Mental stimulation- toys

Today I am talking about dog toys. Not just any dog toys but mental stimulation dog toys i.e. toys that keep our dogs busy. These types of toys are very useful if you want to keep your dog out of trouble or if your busy doing your homework it gives them something to do. Here are my top 5 stimulation toys.

  1. The Kong
This is a classic food based toy that is very popular! You can stuff the inside of this rubber toy with anything from peanut butter to kibble and can last your dog ages trying to get the tasty treat out. You can buy all shapes and sizes of this toy to suit all breeds and ages of dog, this toy is a definite winner! You don’t have to buy the original kong either as there are many different sorts.You can buy it from all good pet shops and for more kongtastic info go to:
2. Green
This is a green toy with little bumps and sticky up things that you can scatter your dogs food over so that they eat slower. This can be used for dogs who eat to quickly or for dogs who are just plain old bored. You can boy it from most big pet shops or online. 

The Green
3. Bottle with kibble
A non-expensive treat, all you need is a plastic empty water bottle and a handful of treats/food and you just have to put the treats in the bottle for your dog to try and get them out. This activity needs supervising incase your dog chews of a bit of bottle and swallows it.
4. The buster cube is another toy but this one is very tricky for dogs to do so not best for a little pup. You can choose from a variety of colours but do only buy one if your dog can easily master the kong as they are very tricky!
The Complex Buster Cube

5. Dog puzzles are my final dog stimulation toy choice and you can buy different varieties

of trickiness and dispense food from underneath some are better than others and you also need to take into consideration your dogs age and intelligence when buying a puzzle but they can be great fun.


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