Happy autumn and Finty is here

Hi all,

First of all wishing you and your dogs a happy autumn as today is officially autumn!

I have some very exciting news… Finty my grandmas black Labrador is at our house for the whole of this week! So I am trying out a dog  puzzle toy on her so read on for the review.

The Karlie doggy puzzle
This is mine and Finty’s review on this doggy puzzle. 

First impressions: Well made and sturdy also looked fairly easy to use

How it works: You place a smelly treat under one of the pieces and let your dog lift up the piece they think it’s under and eat the treat.
How Finty liked it: It took her quite a while to get the idea of how the puzzle worked but she managed to find it in the end after a lot of sniffing around.
Finty sniffing around for treasure

Conclusion:  It was a good product considering it was free with some dog food but you could buy it from pet shops. You would need to think about how suitable it would be for your dog and there age because it wouldn’t be great for little puppies as they might find it too hard so try placing treats under yogart pots that are upside down for them to sniff out and get.

Score out of 5: 4/5

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