Guide dogs and fintys treats.

Hi all,

Today I got an email from the lovely lady who runs my guides saying that next week on Tuesday we will be doing a sponsored walk 5 times around a field in the dark in our onesies for guide dogs (good job I have a dog onesie) for the blind.

 Then we will hold a cake and refreshments stall for anyone to come too. Then next week a man from the guide dog centre will come and bring a guide dog so if you have any questions for me to ask him which I will then post them on the blog.

I am pleased to be doing something for a dog charity and you don’t have to go to guides or a club to do it. There is an event called go walkies for guide dogs where you can take your dog on a sponsored walk to raise funds for guide dogs for more info go to

Sorry their have been not a lot of posts lately as my cat has been very ill.

Here is the late sepia Saturday blog hop

Have  a good first sepia Saturday hosts Ruckus and Earl!

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