PPP and october events

Hi all,

Happy October! Hope you’ve all had a good September, Today I am pleased to inform you that I have been invited by the lovely earllover from  earls world so next month I shall be the proud co-host of earls worlds pinch punch post!

How has your September been? What has been the highlight of  September?

Mine has been either meeting Dima at a dog show in Norfolk or having Finty to stay (for more info see previous posts)

So what is coming up in October

Woofs and wellies is on in KENT
It is £10 per dog to do a 5-6 mile walk around the showground and each dog will be given a doggy bag. Its on on the 12th of October.

In SOMERSET, Weston  Mare beach is opening this October until to our canine pals and is one of the best doggy beaches so it’s worth a visit if you live near.

In DEVON, Oddicombe dog day is taking place on October the 5th on Torbay to have some fun and raise fund for the blue cross.

Thats all for the whats on board for now but if you know any other events then please leave a comment.

Also if you are a YOUNG KENNEL CLUB MEMBER  then don’t forget the autumn dog training weekend is on so go to the YKC website for more info.

Last of all I am getting a new logo for my mutt  designed by earllover so I hope I shall be able to display that soon.

Now for the PPP hosted by earls world and here is their new badge


Love the badge!!!

Now for the hop


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