Hello all,
I am (as promised) giving you Great Britain’s top 20 breeds of pedigree dog. I will count down from 20 to number 1 (MOST POPULAR)

20. long coat chihuahua
19. Miniature dachshund
18. Westie
17. Whippet
16. smooth coat chihuahua
15. Lhasa Apso
14. Boxer
13. Shih tzu
12. Cavalier king Charles spaniel
11. Miniature schnauzer
10. Staffordshire bull terrier
9.   Bull dog
8.   Border terrier
7.   French bull dog
6.   Golden retriever
5. German Shepard
4.  Pug
3.  English springer spaniel
2.  Cocker spaniel
1.  Labrador retriever


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