Hi all,
An amazing change is going to happen to my mutt because… DRUM ROLL……………


So I am pleased to introduce you to…
This adorable pup will become star of my mutt and will arrive at her new home in 1-2 weeks. So stay tuned to my mutt this winter for plenty of Β mini schnauzer fun!Β 
We have driven over to her current home today and decided she was the one. I will upload plenty more photos tomorrow of this little bundle of fluff. I CANNOT WAIT!!! When the date has been confirmed the mini schnauzer countdown shall begin. So until then I will leave you with another pic of Riley.


5 thoughts on “SUPER EXCITING NEWS!!!!!

  1. Good Morning! Today is the day!. Miss Riley has had a small breakfast and is now sleeping with her littermates, We want to say good luck for the future with her. She is a lovely, happy puppy and we will miss her antics!! Loads of love for the future!. Kate xx


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