Puppy supplies

As you know I am preparing for bringing home my little miniature schnauzer Riley, next Thursday, so todays’ post is all about puppy supplies. Buying stuff for a puppy can be slightly daunting and expensive if you are not sure what to buy. Here I will give you the essentials of puppy products.

Water and food bowl (preferably not plastic and has sturdy sloped edges), the food bowl has bumps in to slow down fast eating .Β 
A puppy collar that is the correct size for your dog. (modelled by toy andrex dog)

Puppy lead that has an easy clip on to the collar
A crate and a travel crate for the car
Carpet stain and smell remover (incase of any accidents)
A cosy bed that fits your puppy and is not easily chewable
Puppy food that suits your pups breed, size and lifestyle
Yep these balls are actually this small compared to an egg!

Also you will need lots of love patience and newspaper.

Now for the countdown.



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