He came!

It is time to do a recount of our wonderful Christmas Day, and Riley’s very first Christmas. She couldn’t wait for Santa Paws to come- she wanted to see him so she tried to stay awake.

Honestly, I’m NOT TIRED (yawn)

When she woke up Riley dashed to her stocking to see if Santa Paws had come after all that waiting….

Riley was dying to see what was inside, but she had to wait for her fellow members of the household to wake up. This however seemed to take AGES!

By the time everyone had come down- and the adults had made a milky brew Riley had a peek inside her stocking.

It contained: Rawhide chews (yum),
a Giraffe teddy,
A puppy Kong and some Chicken treats- perfect tit bits for training

After tugging her giraffe around for a bit Riley saw a bag under the tree with her name on and decided to open it.

How do you do this?
Aha a penguin 
And some treats!
After all this present excitement Riley went on her first walk.
She was very good but because of the rain managed to get very muddy by the end of the walk.
At the end of a very tiring but exciting day, we got some news that we are going to start training classes at the beginning of January!
Wow what a day! Hope you and all your dogs had a very merry Christmas. 


3 thoughts on “He came!

  1. So glad to see that Miss Riley had such a fabulous Christmas. Please give her a cuddle from us! Happy New Year to Riley and all your family. Glad you are all having so much fun!
    Kate and Geoff XXXX


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