P.P.P- Happy New year

It’s 2015! Riley and I are so excited, but first lets reflect on the many events of 2014.

  • My Mutt Riley (then called My Mutt) started
  • I went to All About Dogs dog show and met and helped amazing dog trainer Dima Yeremenko 
  • And the main highlight this year was of course getting Riley my little Miniature Schnauzer puppy Riley
But now it is 2015 so we’d like to wish you a…
We are proud to co-host the fabulous Pinch Punch Post along with My dog diaries and are amazing hosts Earls world!



3 thoughts on “P.P.P- Happy New year

  1. Hi Frada – you're displaying the old badge!!! Visit our post to grab the new one -http://sumskersandearlskers13.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/pinch-punch-post-january-2015-new-year.html


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