Sepia Saturday- Rainy day game

Today has brought us rain, rain and more rain. Riley has decided that one rainy shopping trip in town and a little walk is ENOUGH  and doesn’t want to play a lot in the rain outside anymore. So we have a bored indoor pup.

Here are a few easy ideas to try out if you are sort of in the same situation.

  • Clean, empty bottle with out a lid, with a few treats in
  • Kong, always a firm favourite
  • Teach them a trick or two 
  • If you know a friend with a dog near by who will be stuck inside too then ask them over for a doggy play-date
  • Give your dog a chew
  • Try some nose work with some empty yoguart pots turned upside down in a row with one containing the treat
  • Brush up on your dogs presentation and give them a groom
Riley likes chews best!

Now for the sepia hop!

<img border="0" src="http://4.bp.>


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