Rileys first training session

Today I am going to let Riley write todays post as she’s been very good (well for Riley she’s been good)

Hi people, today was my first training session and I think my owner was impressed.


This morning mum, and mums’mum and I all bundled into the car to go to my first dog training session. I shivered all the way there- partly excitement, partly nerves and partly the freezing cold British weather. However Their was no need to be nervous because it was fun.

We did sits and stays and all that boring stuff, then we got let off our leads and got to mingle with all the other dogs. When I say all I mean about 6 others. I was FINE doing some good mingling and sniffing around until some border collies dashed from out of nowhere and started chasing me, do I look like a sheep?

But I like training (especially all the treats!)  We did some stays and waits and all that then I met my new bestie, Albert the Chihuahua, he’s my friend because:

  • He’s small
  • He’s handsome 
  • He’s well behaved

What more could I want?

When we got back to the house I was so tired, who wouldn’t be after all that?

Luckily I woke up in time for lunch!

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