Review- puppy bandana

Welcome to our first review of 2015, with Rileys new bandana. Although it took a while to put on it’s rather snazzy. Here is the full review:

So Here is my first thoughts of the new accessory I bought from puppy bandana, when it arrived: Small but nice with simple packaging, looks like it will last.Good quality and nicely made.
It took me a while to put the bandana on Riley as you have to tie it with a knot at the front and she was a bit fidgety, but didn’t try to pull it off or scratch too much once it was on.
Price wise I think £2.99 was a good price plus it was free P&P.
Would I buy one again? Maybe for a special occasion or Halloween but otherwise I think one is enough. 
Where can you buy one from? Go to 
Was the website good? Yes, very colourful and easy to navigate.They had plenty of choice which was great.
How many paws out of 10 would you give it? 7


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