Sleepy or what?

Look at this tired dog…

What have we done to tire her out?
  • Gone for a nice long morning walk
  • Done some trainingΒ 
  • Played “chase the football”
  • Trained Rileys brain with doggy brain train game:
I can sniff you out you yummy treats!
What a lot of stuff, what a great way to finish February!
Join us tomorrow for the P.P.P to welcome in the new month.

Beach time!

You know the phrase “I do like to be beside the seaside” well I certainly do and as the weather was brightening up I took this as an opportunity to go to our nearest beach, only a forty minute drive from our house. This was Rileys first trip to the beach so I hoped she would enjoy it as much as I do.

Yup, Riley thought the beach was woofing wonderful! Although it was cold (much too cold for a swim!) Racing up and down on the sand was great.
Have a great week!
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Spring Clean and Pooch of the month.

Spring is almost upon us and Riley and I have been dusting away those cobwebs and having a little spring clean!

Brushes are good to chew!
We didn’t get far before Riley got bored so I ended up taking her on a long walk to hopefully wear her out.
Unfortunately it was muddy so Riley got very dirty so by the time we came back I didn’t want to make the house all muddy then have clean again so I gave Riley a bath.
We are proud to use dogs trust shampoo to help dogs to have happier lives!
Here is my 1 photo of Riley in the sink having a bath.
Yey, I think we’re both relieved that that is over! Is it just Riley or does your dog not to keen to have a bath?
In the meantime…Β 
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Happy Chinese new year!

Today is Chinese New Year and as one of the tradition people give red envelopes with money inside. Today Riley received an envelope but it was more mysterious.

Who is this from?

Well it has my name on it so I better open it.

Inside their was a note.
Wow that is a lot to ask of a little mini pup! Well I better get going before it is to late. But how and where do you find a lost sheep.
You follow the biscuit trail if course!

After only a short walk I found the sheep and a nice piece of liver cake!

The beautiful game!

Football is one of Riley favourite games, but instead of proper football it’s more chase the football.



Here is a short clip of Riley chasing one.

If Riley was a human she might like to be a footballer or a food taster. What would your dog be?
Happy Wednesday!

Lend a paw

Today Riley and I went to a dog safety day to help other children learn how to be safe around dogs, Riley was doing well until she fell asleep!

Dog safety is very helpfull especially for children so it prevents any accidents which may hurt children or dogs, Riley and I were keen to lend a paw when we heard that there was a dog safety day at are local training class.

If you want to find more about dog safety go toΒΒ or speak to your local dog trainer.