Pinch Punch to ya all! In fact I can’t pinch or punch because I have no fingers (just paws) but I can pack a mighty bight-  but mum says that bad manners and no way to say have a good month, so I’ll just have to woof it out to you all.

This month…

This month has been a good month and we’ve been banishing off those naughty January blues with some nice walks and lots of peanut butter biscuits and cups of tea (peanut biscuits for me and tea for mum!)

Here are some other stuff that we’ve been up to.

I made my new years resolutions.
One of which was to try really hard NOT to chew my human super fluffy slippers.

It was wet and “horrible” outside so we showed you some of our favourite indoor boredom busters.

I love a dog chew!

I went to my first training session and met my new pal Albert the chihuahua!

I saw snow and frost , I liked the snow but tried to get rid of the frost.
Mum made 147 peanut butter biscuits (yum!!!!)
It’s valentines day. This calls for puppy love!
We have the February holidays!
I will continue to go to training classes, and hopefully get better!
I will be stuffing my face with peanut butter biscuits!
The nights will get shorter. Time for longer walks!
And we will be doing plenty more.
Today we are co-hosting the wonderful PPP alongside My dog Diaries and are hosts at Earls World. So grab the badge, link up and relate to the new month.



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