Random act of kindness week

It’s Wednesday (yay!) nearly the weekend. This week doggy mum told me was random act of kindness week and therefore I should do something randomly kind every day this week. Well I thought that’s dogtasticaly easy but I’m always kind how can I be randomly kind?


Monday morning I went up to mums sister and decided to give her a relaxing ear massage. Well she didn’t exactly think it was totally relaxing.

Oh well I tried.

Tuesday when the post popped through the door I thought I know I can be just Β like Gromit from Wallace and Gromit, and go and fetch the newspaper. It was a little
big and I stopped mid way to pick it up and I realised how nice to chew it was, I couldn’t resist.

The tissue box after its fun.

Later on I decided to get mum a tissue because she has a cold. I got a little to excited. After all I am only a puppy.

I was getting a little fed up of this RAK week. When I decided I knew who do show some kindness, this was my best idea since jumping up on the sofa (which I am not supposed to do) and hiding behind the cushions. Unfortunately mum has x-ray eyes.


I will be kind to Ivich the old cat.

Share your kind thoughts this week.


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