Happy Valentines!

Love is in the air because today is valentines day! Riley and I have had a great day with surprises for both but before we go onto that topic we’d like to wish our friend Earl the border terrier from Earl World! a very happy barkday for on the 12th (sorry it’s late).

Now time for some lovely valentines day stuff.
This morning After a lovely breakfast and a nice morning walk Riley knew it was some sort of special day and special days generally mean…
And indeed I did have one for her,
A love heart ball

We are going dog training tomorrow and I had an idea, we could make liver cake and bring some in for the dogs in Riley’s training class. 

I have already posted the recipe on the blog previously but I have made some alterations because 1 egg was simply not enough.
500g of liver
500g of oats
3 eggs
a teaspoon of sunflower oil
1-2 spoons of garlic (optional)

1. Whisk all the ingredients together

2. Place the mixture on a non-stick or lightly greased baking tray with a lip

Push it down otherwise it will be all crumbly!

3. Cook it at 180 degrees for 20-30 minutes until it’s firm
4. Allow it to cool before eating

You can freeze it before using as delicious home-made treats during training. You can use tuna instead of liver which you may want to considering the mess it can make and the smell.

Riley also had a quick bath to impress her friend Albert tomorrow. I got no pictures because it was one of her first baths and she wasn’t exactly pleased.

Wow we’ve had a busy valentines day but there’s been plenty of fun and love to.

Share the love with your friends and dog this valentines day!



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