Spring Clean and Pooch of the month.

Spring is almost upon us and Riley and I have been dusting away those cobwebs and having a little spring clean!

Brushes are good to chew!
We didn’t get far before Riley got bored so I ended up taking her on a long walk to hopefully wear her out.
Unfortunately it was muddy so Riley got very dirty so by the time we came back I didn’t want to make the house all muddy then have clean again so I gave Riley a bath.
We are proud to use dogs trust shampoo to help dogs to have happier lives!
Here is my 1 photo of Riley in the sink having a bath.
Yey, I think we’re both relieved that that is over! Is it just Riley or does your dog not to keen to have a bath?
In the meantime… 
Please go to the your mutt page and enter your dog for march’s pooch of the month
You will get a post dedicated to you and your dog and will get to feature our little badge on your blog (if you have one)

Just go to the my mutt page and all details will be explained.


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