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Most of us know that smell is the dogs “strongest” sense, here are some facts:
  1. Some dogs are trained to sniff out: illnesses, landmines and drugs.
  2. A dogs smell is around 1000 times better than us
  3. Dogs noses need to be wet for them to work
  4. Dog scent search teams can sniff out mines than manual de-miners and can sniff out plastic mines that can’t be found with most other detectors
  5.    . An average dog has around 200 million  nasal olfactory receptors whereas humans have about 5 million.Bloodhounds are probably the best breed for sniffing with 300 million  nasal olfactory receptors!  Each receptor detects and identifies the tiny odour molecules that constantly fly off different objects.
  6. The part of a dogs brain dedicated to detecting smells is 40 times greater than ours!
  7. They can wiggle their nostrils independently
  8. One of the reasons why bloodhounds are amazing sniffers is because their ears flap the scent towards their nose
Wow dogs are truly great sniffers! 


It’s the Easter holiday and although it has been cloudy we’ve had a outsidey sorta day. I took Riley for a walk, we put some garden furniture together (it’s supposed to be spring) and covered the wooden picnic bench in oil so it is protected from the rain.

I made a terrible mistake of bringing a cushion outside because it got dragged all around the garden.

Super garden day!

Riley did some bunny watching.

OUTSIDE of the cage!

I did offer her to go indoors for a nap but she didn’t want to because she is a “sociable” sort of dog, especially when there is food.
She chose to snooze on the lawn…


Riley was found under the sofa this morning. I was wondering what the dog was she doing under there.

Was she:

  • Looking for a long lost ball that had disappeared
  • getting ready to pounce on some unlucky person
  • Scared because she had just chewed the cats bed and was regretting it because of bad consequences
  • Scared? 
I still don’t know as she just can’t tell me (is this a good thing?)
Under the sofa – Yes Riley I CAN still see you even if you look away

Get set…


Can you tell why was she under here?

Sepia satuday- top and tail

Rileys had a social evening with cat cuddles.

They both lay there for a while snoozing. I was very impressed as they generally aren’t the best of friends.

The cat is old and fairly grumpy (sorry cat) and often is tired and gets fed up of Riley’s mad antics and sticks her paw out when Riley is running around (who should I feel sorry for?)
Riley got a bit cross the other day because the cat stole her bed!

Riley was definitely miffed.

First day of spring

Today has been a day with many days in it. I know that sounds like a load of gobbledygook but I will try to explain.

Today is:

  • National happiness day
  • The solar eclipse 
  • First day of spring
Now do ya get what I mean?
As it is the first day of spring (vernal equinox) Riley dressed up in her spring necklace.

Yep, this is definitely the best outfit 

I love spring.
Spring is great it generally means lighter evenings and that means longer walks.It means some dog shows so time to brush up on some tricks. It means all the little flowers come up and it stops raining so much (we hope) so Riley doesn’t come back knee deep in mud.
Also, because we live in Britain we saw the solar eclipse. This is where the moon covers the sun and it goes all dark and cold. We won’t be able to see one like this for another 11 years so we thought we better see it.
We only had a partial eclipse like this one…
The only trouble was that it was cloudy outside.
We stood out in the cold anyway and were rewarded by seeing a glimpse of of it though the cloud. Yay! 
The picture above was not taken by me because it can apparently damage your camera if you take photos of the sun (it was off Google images).
A great day huh. It gets better because it was national happiness day.
Lots of things make me smile but the thing that makes me smile the most is Riley.
Windy days


Enjoy the sunshine

Riley LOVES to be out doors and is often found sitting here

Or doing this…

And once she goes out
It is hard to get her in again…
I hope your dog has better recall than mine!
And when she DOES come in she plays a game of “sunshine tracker” When she finds a nice spot she decides to lie down and relax.
Even if it means blocking the doorway!

Have great Thursday!

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