Crazy for Crufts!

Sunday morning I set of to the world biggest dog show, Crufts. Crufts is a massive dog show held in the NEC in Birmingham over 4 days with each day dedicated to certain breed groups:

THURSDAY- Gundogs e.g Labrador and spaniels
FRIDAY- Working and pastoral e.g newfoundland and collies
SATURDAY- Terrier and hound e.g Westie and beagle
SUNDAY- Toy and utility e.g chihuahua and miniature schnauzer!

Guess which day I went on?

Not only does crufts have the dog shows it also has agility, flyball, obedience, heelwork to music and plenty more activities. Also crufts has discover dogs where you can go and meet other breeds you may have never seen before! Plus there are lots and lots of trade stands.

I started of with going around discover dogs.

What a lot of dogs!





lhasa apsos

tired bedlingtons

Hairy bermeses 

Massive st.bernands

Small fluffy bichons

We had to see a show schnauzer…


But crufts would NOT be crufts without the shopping.

I smell treats!!


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