Mission top-knot

I was flicking through some grooming catalogues today when I noticed Riley needed a bit of a brush as she was quite tangled. Then when I looked inside my grooming box for a brush I noticed two little bows. I had bought these at crufts when I had caught the “must buy lots of random stuff for dog bug” and put them in the grooming box.

I decided that then I was going to give Riley a cute little top-knot

Easier said than done

First I gently grabbed the hair on the top of her head and tried to put the bow on her head and take a picture.

Seriously this is SO EMBARRASSING Its bad enough without you taking photos! Β 

Soon (after about 5 seconds) Riley shook it of.

I then decided to put it on again but a little tighter so there would be time for me to take a photo WITHOUT Riley shaking it off.
Well I wont be trying that one again because…
The band snapped.

Well good job I have my trusty loom bands around.

All fixed

I have decided that Riley was not up to it that evening as the next day she let me tie it on with ease and didn’t try and eat it! Yay! Unfortunately I didn’t know where my camera was so I have no pictures.

As soon as I get one I will upload it.
Have great weekend!


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