First day of spring

Today has been a day with many days in it. I know that sounds like a load of gobbledygook but I will try to explain.

Today is:

  • National happiness day
  • The solar eclipse 
  • First day of spring
Now do ya get what I mean?
As it is the first day of spring (vernal equinox) Riley dressed up in her spring necklace.

Yep, this is definitely the best outfit 

I love spring.
Spring is great it generally means lighter evenings and that means longer walks.It means some dog shows so time to brush up on some tricks. It means all the little flowers come up and it stops raining so much (we hope) so Riley doesn’t come back knee deep in mud.
Also, because we live in Britain we saw the solar eclipse. This is where the moon covers the sun and it goes all dark and cold. We won’t be able to see one like this for another 11 years so we thought we better see it.
We only had a partial eclipse like this one…
The only trouble was that it was cloudy outside.
We stood out in the cold anyway and were rewarded by seeing a glimpse of of it though the cloud. Yay! 
The picture above was not taken by me because it can apparently damage your camera if you take photos of the sun (it was off Google images).
A great day huh. It gets better because it was national happiness day.
Lots of things make me smile but the thing that makes me smile the most is Riley.
Windy days



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