It’s the Easter holiday and although it has been cloudy we’ve had a outsidey sorta day. I took Riley for a walk, we put some garden furniture together (it’s supposed to be spring) and covered the wooden picnic bench in oil so it is protected from the rain.

I made a terrible mistake of bringing a cushion outside because it got dragged all around the garden.

Super garden day!

Riley did some bunny watching.

OUTSIDE of the cage!

I did offer her to go indoors for a nap but she didn’t want to because she is a “sociable” sort of dog, especially when there is food.
She chose to snooze on the lawn…



6 thoughts on “Outside

  1. Hi,
    Riley is a miniature schnauzer that needs to be clipped. She has plenty of energy and barks at most things she doesn't know (especially dogs) we call her talkative.


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