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Most of us know that smell is the dogs “strongest” sense, here are some facts:
  1. Some dogs are trained to sniff out: illnesses, landmines and drugs.
  2. A dogs smell is around 1000 times better than us
  3. Dogs noses need to be wet for them to work
  4. Dog scent search teams can sniff out mines than manual de-miners and can sniff out plastic mines that can’t be found with most other detectors
  5.    . An average dog has around 200 million  nasal olfactory receptors whereas humans have about 5 million.Bloodhounds are probably the best breed for sniffing with 300 million  nasal olfactory receptors!  Each receptor detects and identifies the tiny odour molecules that constantly fly off different objects.
  6. The part of a dogs brain dedicated to detecting smells is 40 times greater than ours!
  7. They can wiggle their nostrils independently
  8. One of the reasons why bloodhounds are amazing sniffers is because their ears flap the scent towards their nose
Wow dogs are truly great sniffers! 


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