Water bowl challenge

I was in the garden recently and it was fairly warm (for Britain) and my brother, who is six and mad about water, asked my mum, “can we get the paddling pool out?” as you would think the answer was no as it was just NOT paddling pool weather.

The conversation went on like this:

Brother: Oh, can we go swimming?

Mum: No

Brother: can I fill up the big tub trug with water and get inside?

Tub trug
In the end my mum got an old washing up bowl and filled it with some cold tap water stuck it in the garden.
My brother wasn’t impressed.
Riley was.
She quite likes water and was doing a pretty good job of swimming with only her front 2 paws in the water.
It was also used as a stick holder and for drinking purporses.
I then came up with the water bowl challenge…
Where I put an item in the bowl and Riley fishes it out.
We started easy with a sponge ball

She was so speedy I couldn’t even take a photo of her doing it.

Next on to the more challenging golf ball.

For this one Riley assessed the area and came up with some techniques. 
These included  the… paw the water, the drink the water until there is none left and the stare at the ball wistfully until it decides to jump out the water.

Not even the last one worked.

With a bit of human help the ball did come out the water.


Master Groom

Yesterday my mum and I headed off  to the kennel club building to go and see Master Groom. This is a prestigious grooming competition so no Riley didn’t come. Neither of us were competing although my mum is a groomer.

There were lots of dogs all being brilliantly behaved while the groomers spent 2 and a half ours on them- HOW???.

We had a bit of a favourite… this little coton de tulear. 

We did some shopping.

And some shih tzu admiring

when I got home I was totally inspired by all this grooming and had a go on Riley with the brush. Even though I had inspirational thoughts she still wasn’t keen.


Does your dog really NOT like Mr.vet or his surgery?

Well try these simple steps.

  • When you arrive at the vets give your dog a tasty treat
  • If your dog is being calm then praise her 
  • Bring a toy to distract her
  • Give the vet a treat to give to your dog

Utility group

Do you know your breed groups?

  • Toy
  • Terrier
  • Utility
  • Gundog 
  • Hound 
  • Pastoral
  • Working
Can you guess which Riley is in?
The Utility group. This group contains the “leftover” breeds who don’t quite fit into the others like a dalmation, bulldog and a schnauzer.
Even though she is not in a main group she is..

So have a great weekend and be yourself!


Riley has an assortment of dog toys varying from tennis balls to soft toys- includes her favourite Pete.

Here we will review 3 of  her favourite toys.

-Soft squeaky toys


OK these are probably Riley’s favourite toys because they are nice  and cuddly and good for getting your attention/annoying you if you are ignoring her.

These scores are out 10

Cuddle factor:  9

Clean factor: 3, It has to go in the washing machine every now and then (especially if your dog likes to drool on it then drag it around the garden).

Keeping her occupied factor: 5

Good points: She loves to snuggle up to them and you can swap it to get your slipper that she’s chewing back.

Bad points: Need washing quite a lot and the squeaking can get a bit annoying

Where you can buy them: Most pet stores also you can buy baby toys (with no easily chewable bits on)

AVG price: £3-£10


Football is much preferred by Riley

Riley isn’t a massive tennis ball fan but she does love a bit of football.

Cuddle factor: 2

Clean factor: 4, for tennis balls (get stuff stuck to them). 2, for footballs and most other balls.

Keep her occupied: If your playing with her then 8, but if your not then about 2

Good points: If you are playing then she won’t get bored, just tired. They are generally inexpensive and there are many sorts.

Bad points: Can easily get lost in hedges and can be ripped apart by strong dogs.

Where you can buy them: Pet shops and sports stores

AVG price: 50p- £7


Tuggie is a good game to play with your dog to get them revved up and excited.

Cuddle factor: 2

Clean factor: 3

Keep her occupied: 1 if left with it by herself but 8 if someone will play too.

Good points: Easy to keep clean and good to get her attention and for training as a reward.You can get them in different sizes to suit your dog

Bad points: Can be ripped up into a mess.

Where you can buy them: Most pet stores.

AVG price: £3- £6

What toys does your dog like?