Here is our first A-Z challenge post, with of course A being the letter we use today.

Puppy potty training is hard, and there will always be accidents (we had several with Riley!) but if you keep on going it will work. Just Remember:

  • When you spot the signs – sniffing and circling- straight away take your dog outside 
  • Once they have done their business  praise them like mad
  • If they don’t do anything (make sure you have been patient and waited a while) take them indoors and watch them like a hawk 
  • If they do do an accident in the house never shout or get cross with the dog – just silently clear it up
  • Use a spray that gets rid of the smell so your house doesn’t stink and because she will be likely to go there again
  • You can train using puppy pads (we didn’t) some people have different opinions on if people should use them
  • Go outside every time they have finished doing something- walk, nap, eat e.t.c 
  • Keep going! You will one day achieve a “clean in the house dog”
Remember to always carry poop bags with you so you can pick ’em up
Not a real poo! An April fools day prop

A is also for April so check out our Pinch Punch Post now and remember to come back tomorrow as Riley got clipped today and she looks very different! I will post the photos of before and after.


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