Brushing and Baths

Yesterday Riley went to the groomers with my mum (who works at the groomers) and she clipped her. Riley isn’t totally fond of being groomed so she is a bit of a fidget but we try to groom her once a day to get her used to it.

Some of her tricks to make grooming go away is to:

  • Try and eat the air the blow-dryer is blowing
  • To wiggle like crazy when she’s in the bath
  • When your not looking pick up the brush and hide it or try to chew it to pieces
Well with some patience she got groomed and transformed from….
Hairy schnauzer…
To trimmed schnauzer!

I pawromise to get some nice pics but last night she was super tired and today she is being spayed so she will be a bit tired and lazy for the next couple of days.


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