People generally think of cats and dogs like mortal enemies. Is it possible to have  them in the same house and them to be friends or do they just never get along?

In our house they have their ups and downs
As Riley is young and the Cat is old they have different energy levels.
This matters and is the reason for most of their fall outs.
What happens is the cat is having a snooze and Riley has an urgent need to dash around like a crazy dog (we call this puppy madness moment) and the cat gets woken by a hyper puppy. The cat takes it as her duty to tell Riley of and sneakily sticks out her paw from her spot on the sofa and waits until Riley runs past her then…
Whack! Riley runs into the cats paw and it is game over the cat has won and can go back to sleep in peace because Riley has stopped charging around.
Sneaky Cat!


Sometimes they CAN get along.A tired dog and the cat mix well.
Bonding with some sofa time.

If you have a dog and cat that live together we’d love to hear from you (especially ways of making peace)  so please comment below.
Pooch of the month will be on tomorrow so please if you own a mutt who should to be featured please comment on the pooch of the month page now.


3 thoughts on “Cats

  1. I have 4 cats and a 10 year old chihuahua – they have an uneasy peace between them. But they have learned to tolerate each other – for the most part! Love your blog!!


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