Happy Easter and Rileys Catalogue

Well a very

We have this Easter tree…
With lots of little decorations on it.

Riley took one look at it.

And decided that she just didn’t like it.
Stubborn schnauzer.
Not only is she a stubborn schnauzer she also likes to get her own way. 

                                        For me those eyes are sometimes to much.

             Riley has had an operation on Thursday so we don’t have loads of little Riley’s.

She was very, very tired afterwards so settled in front of the telly with a catalogue and a chew.
This is the life!

I could do with some of these for that cat.
You see Riley is notorious  for circling the stuff she wants.

Especially food.

And when I say we already have LOTS of treats (which we do) she goes off in a strop.



5 thoughts on “Happy Easter and Rileys Catalogue

  1. Thank you guys! She was REALLY sleepy for the first day and then she was back to her usual antics. Sorry Mr.Vet but she has allready broken several of the rules such as:
    No jumping up at people
    No climbing the stairs
    No running around
    No jumping up on the sofa.
    I am trying my hardest to prevent these things from happening but it is extremely hard to stop her from running at all the pigeons that perch on the bird feeder.
    Also she is not allowed to go walkies for 10 days!
    Check up tomorrow so fingers crossed it will go ok.


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