You know how it’s been Easter and what does that mean?

Most of us will come up with stuff like:

  • Spring
  • Chickens 
  • Rabbits
  • Generally small baby cute animals
  • Eggs
The last one is a biggie because of all the chocolate eggs people get, hide, find and eat. Here’s a little fact for you, that  Sales at Easter time make up 10% of UK chocolate spending for the whole year!

The downside of these eggs is…

Although Riley thinks that they are very tasty they are in fact poisonous to her so we have to look away from the “feed me” eyes and carry on eating.

Chocolate is banned, but…

Normal eggs aren’t!
Riley loves a bit egg and as they are full of vitamins and minerals and also a great source of protein cooked eggs are a nice treat to feed your dog.


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