It is that time of year again when we are making the most of the warm sunshine on our backs and be outside a lot and that means that our dogs is generally outside a lot as well.

Yes!  It’s garden time! I am just casually guarding these daffodils.

The wind is a real moustache ruffeler!
But at this time of year we can find some little guys called fleas on our dogs and they just aren’t good news.

Name: Flea
Random fact: They have been on Earth for 165 million years
Lifespan: Around 90 days
Size: 2mm (avg)
Description: These biting bugs have super strong back legs to hop from one animal to the next and like to bite and suck the animals blood (yuck!) They lay around 50 eggs a day so they are always around, especially in warm weather.
How to prevent your dog from being the food of a flea: There are quite a few ways such as:
  • Spot on treatments
  • Flea shampoo
  • Specialised collars
  • Flea dips 
  • Oral medications
  • Tablets
If your dog already has fleas seek advice from your vet but make sure to wash your dogs bedding e.t.c so none stay.
Your vet should be able to give further advice so please do not rely wholly on what has been written.
So this summer lets keep our dogs flea free.


6 thoughts on “Fleas

  1. Such a timely article! Your dog has a great personality. Really admire your ability to get such great photos of him. My dog always looks away from the camera. Happy A-to-Z blogging from FidoUniverse.com


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