Kennels or home-boarding

If we go on holiday although we may want to take our dogs with us but some times this is just not possible so we have to choose some sort of care and accommodation for our pooch.

Generally it comes to the decision of:

So here is a little bit about the two to help you decide.
Home boarding is where your dog stays at some one else’s house while your away. You could either put up an advert asking if anyone could care for your dog or look around for someone who has put up an advert saying that they do it. Also, you can use websites that provide dog carers who are linked up to the website. 
Before you leave your dog with this person make sure you:
  • Meet the person – more than once
  • Ask them if they have had dogs before
  • Ask them if you can look around their house
  • Ask how much attention and exercise your dog would get 
  • Give them the details of your daily routine (walk times, feed times e.t.c)
  • Take your dog to meet this person and make sure your dog is comfortable being around them
  • If you think they are suitable and trustworthy enough to care for your dog then..
  • Make sure they have your phone number and veterinary surgery incase of an emergency
  • Pack your dogs things including enough food
Kennels can also be a good option if the people who run the kennels are polite and kind towards your dog and the kennels are in good condition. Make sure that the kennels:
  • Don’t smell
  • Are relativity quiet 
  • Are spacious and dogs had access to water
  • Are clean and have things for the dog to do to prevent boredom
  • Have a sleeping area
  • Have an area where the dogs can get outside to do their business
  • That there was no over crowding



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