Riley has an assortment of dog toys varying from tennis balls to soft toys- includes her favourite Pete.

Here we will review 3 of  her favourite toys.

-Soft squeaky toys


OK these are probably Riley’s favourite toys because they are nice  and cuddly and good for getting your attention/annoying you if you are ignoring her.

These scores are out 10

Cuddle factor:  9

Clean factor: 3, It has to go in the washing machine every now and then (especially if your dog likes to drool on it then drag it around the garden).

Keeping her occupied factor: 5

Good points: She loves to snuggle up to them and you can swap it to get your slipper that she’s chewing back.

Bad points: Need washing quite a lot and the squeaking can get a bit annoying

Where you can buy them: Most pet stores also you can buy baby toys (with no easily chewable bits on)

AVG price: £3-£10


Football is much preferred by Riley

Riley isn’t a massive tennis ball fan but she does love a bit of football.

Cuddle factor: 2

Clean factor: 4, for tennis balls (get stuff stuck to them). 2, for footballs and most other balls.

Keep her occupied: If your playing with her then 8, but if your not then about 2

Good points: If you are playing then she won’t get bored, just tired. They are generally inexpensive and there are many sorts.

Bad points: Can easily get lost in hedges and can be ripped apart by strong dogs.

Where you can buy them: Pet shops and sports stores

AVG price: 50p- £7


Tuggie is a good game to play with your dog to get them revved up and excited.

Cuddle factor: 2

Clean factor: 3

Keep her occupied: 1 if left with it by herself but 8 if someone will play too.

Good points: Easy to keep clean and good to get her attention and for training as a reward.You can get them in different sizes to suit your dog

Bad points: Can be ripped up into a mess.

Where you can buy them: Most pet stores.

AVG price: £3- £6

What toys does your dog like?

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