Does your dog really NOT like or his surgery?

Well try these simple steps.

  • When you arrive at the vets give your dog a tasty treat
  • If your dog is being calm then praise herย 
  • Bring a toy to distract her
  • Give the vet a treat to give to your dog

3 thoughts on “Vets

  1. Visiting from A/Z ๐Ÿ™‚ Our corgi (we had to say goodbye to him this past December due to cancer, but he lived to 10 years old and was a cancer survivor for 4 years) loved the vet even when he was going through his chemo and was in their weekly getting poked and prodded. But they always did give him a treat. He would run literally to the receptionists who always had a treat ready and would get a treat on his way out. Never feared going in and always enjoyed the car rides to and from the vet. Now getting a bath was a different story….



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