Master Groom

Yesterday my mum and I headed off  to the kennel club building to go and see Master Groom. This is a prestigious grooming competition so no Riley didn’t come. Neither of us were competing although my mum is a groomer.

There were lots of dogs all being brilliantly behaved while the groomers spent 2 and a half ours on them- HOW???.

We had a bit of a favourite… this little coton de tulear. 

We did some shopping.

And some shih tzu admiring

when I got home I was totally inspired by all this grooming and had a go on Riley with the brush. Even though I had inspirational thoughts she still wasn’t keen.


3 thoughts on “Master Groom

  1. Wow, that looks like an amazing event to attend. I would have loved to have gone! I bet you had an amazing experience. I love grooming my dogs.


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