Water bowl challenge

I was in the garden recently and it was fairly warm (for Britain) and my brother, who is six and mad about water, asked my mum, “can we get the paddling pool out?” as you would think the answer was no as it was just NOT paddling pool weather.

The conversation went on like this:

Brother: Oh, can we go swimming?

Mum: No

Brother: can I fill up the big tub trug with water and get inside?

Tub trug
In the end my mum got an old washing up bowl and filled it with some cold tap water stuck it in the garden.
My brother wasn’t impressed.
Riley was.
She quite likes water and was doing a pretty good job of swimming with only her front 2 paws in the water.
It was also used as a stick holder and for drinking purporses.
I then came up with the water bowl challenge…
Where I put an item in the bowl and Riley fishes it out.
We started easy with a sponge ball

She was so speedy I couldn’t even take a photo of her doing it.

Next on to the more challenging golf ball.

For this one Riley assessed the area and came up with some techniques.Β 
These included Β the… paw the water, the drink the water until there is none left and the stare at the ball wistfully until it decides to jump out the water.

Not even the last one worked.

With a bit of human help the ball did come out the water.



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